Who Was Tony Collins – Master Spy?

Who was Tony Collins – Master Spy? That’s the question, so what is the answer? Well, if you were around in the 60’s and 70’s and had more than a passing interest in English football, you would know. Showbiz celebrities of the time, such as Elton John and Pat Phoenix certainly did. His name was … Continue reading Who Was Tony Collins – Master Spy?


501 Writer’s Useful Phrases

So, what happens when you get to page 25 and you fall unexpectedly upon the one single sentence; one that simply does not look right; somehow inhibits the pace of a fast flowing chapter and does not describe accurately how your character looked or felt?You may be one of those fortunate writers who can simply … Continue reading 501 Writer’s Useful Phrases

The Doksany Legacy

Baluchistan The words ‘Assalam 'alaykum’ rattled round a shivering half consciousness. Again ‘Assalam 'alaykum’..! The intrusive language … a language he recognised … was becoming louder. He couldn’t open his eyes: the lids were frozen together. Declan began to panic. Was he dead? Was he alive? Was he perhaps half dead, half alive and laying … Continue reading The Doksany Legacy