Finding Charlotte

The voice didn’t shock or surprise him although when she first spoke, Glenn Carlisle was not expecting it being deep in thought over his current dilemma. The voice was silky, low toned and carrying the accent of a good English education. The tantalizing aroma that followed it made his pulse race, the expensive Parisian perfume carried toward him by a light breeze … and he remembered it well, how could he ever forget? The last time he had smelt it on a woman that close was in the October of 1946.‘Can I help you?’ came the confident enquiry.Glenn turned quickly. She was right by his shoulder. So close … so damn close.‘Err … I’m looking for someone who may possibly live here’‘Oh … and who might that be?’ queried the tall blonde lady with sparkling green eyes. He knew the answer to the question of course. She was standing right in front of him. He could hardly contain himself.‘Lady Charlotte Bourchier … who I believe lives here at Gate Cottage’She took a step back. She knew. At that very moment she knew … the realization on her face exposing a mixture of surprise, possible happiness and total dismay.‘… and you must be Glenn Carlisle I assume’ she replied curtly.‘I am indeed … and therefore must guess that you are Charlotte’‘You may … and you may also then be aware you have missed my mother’s funeral by nearly a week!’‘I know, and for that I am most deeply sorry but there is a reason and I would like to have the time to tell it to you’Charlotte looked as if she was about to offer a rebuke of some kind … but hesitated. She had dreamt and play acted this very moment hundreds of times since her dying mother had revealed the truth of her birth and real identity of her father … but none of them were like this. Glenn spoke again, attempting to put an amount of cheer in his voice. He glanced at his watch once more.‘I was in fact just contemplating lunch … and if you would care to join me …?’ The invitation hung in the air for a moment and then, for the very first time, Charlotte smiled. It was a deep, engaging smile. A veil had been lifted, perhaps a decision made?‘There’s a very good pub in the village … so let’s go’ she offered brightly, unexpectedly stepping forward and wrapping her arms tightly round a surprised and hesitant Glenn. The heady and frighteningly familiar fragrance invaded all of his senses as she whispered into his ear ‘Welcome home Dad’

Source: Finding Charlotte


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