Half a million words … who could imagine?

Half a million words … this is what they look like! Short stories, long stories, novels, novellas, literary collections, published, unpublished, self published and stuff still lying at the bottom of a dusty draw. These are all just ‘words’ at the end of the day. But what’s the point of producing all these ‘words’? Is it vanity, self satisfaction, financial reward, simply something to do or a necessary exercise in self flagellation. It’s often difficult to imagine what a particular number of words looks like but here is an image of a collection amounting to somewhat more than half a million. So, when you’ve laid down the first 50K, remember, you have to go through the whole frustrating process again … ten more times. Then you will definitely know what half a million words looks like. Also, don’t forget, whatever your best friend, your mother, your publisher, your editor, your agent, your critics, your work associates and the owner of the corner shop tell you, if you ever manage to climb such a difficult to navigate personal mountain and successfully reach the summit, then my friend … you are a writer and should be proud to be so!

Source: Half a million words … who could imagine?


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