Who deals the cards … in the writing game?

Who deals the cards … in the writing game? Whatever you write, whoever you write it for, whoever you write it to, wherever you write and eventually how you actually write it will always depend upon what you want to do with it. The ‘It’ word refers to your ambition, your laziness, your self-pride, your personal privacy, your individual goals and possibly the size of your bank account. If you write for personal reasons, the only people you may be looking to please will initially be you of course and then your mum or dad, your husband or wife, your best friend and the editor of the local newspaper. On the other hand, if you are looking for some level of commercial success and critical acclaim … then you will need a publisher. This dear friend is where your troubles really begin. Finding one is easy. The internet lists thousands. However, finding one where they pay you rather than you paying them is much more difficult. Best to be prepared then with a few useful phrases and some one-liners to make you think, make you smile or knock your publisher’s socks off. Taking your turn to deal the cards may just have started ..!

Source: Who deals the cards … in the writing game?


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