The attractive and well mannered receptionist took her visitor in to see Mr Jeremiah Winston who greeted him with a broad smile and a firm handshake.‘I am most pleased to meet you Mr … er … is it cor-rect to call you Mr Voclain or Charbonneau?’‘I really do need to get used to using my new names, so let’s start right now with me declaring my proper title is definitely neither. In fact I am now to be known as Glenn Carlisle’‘Well, that sounds very American sir if you do not mind me saying. So, do you have a passport in that name?’‘I have my French one in the name of Charbonneau which I took possession of before leaving France a few weeks ago. My American one has just been issued here in London’‘That sounds excellent sir’ confirmed the lawyer. So, Glenn Carlisle had a passport but what he didn’t have was a clue as to what he would do next … except return to America. What was he actually doing that day in the offices of Halifax and Sherbrook? He didn’t really know that either. His only surety was some money or assets involved, left to him by his mother, Eve Charbonneau. His meeting with the Paris lawyers had provided him with very little beyond that, other than the address and name of Jeremiah Winston. He now had a small pension from the service, a state of independence that created an urge to leave London; get back to the States, to New York and the place he wished to regard as home.The question needed to be asked.‘So Mr Winston, in a round figure, what can you tell me I’m worth; after all the normal stuff like taxes and fees etc. I hope it’s enough to cover your bill for looking after my inheritance over these past few years … as I’ve just resigned my job … and currently appear to have no income whatsoever!’Both men chuckled and Glenn hoped the well dressed, middle aged lawyer was laughing at the same thing he was.‘I can’t give you a figure sir … because I don’t really know’ Mr Winston replied straight faced.‘Oh … it’s as much as that then!’ Glenn declared; another wide grin expressing his amusement.‘Would you like a cup of tea … or … er … coffee or something?’ Winston asked unexpectedly.‘No thanks. Without wishing to be disrespectful, I have a few things to do today in order to make arrange-ments to get back to New York … so, if you could just let me know how much it is and where I sign, I can get out of your hair’‘Well, the reason I am unable to give you an accurate figure is that I, nor anyone else, really knows how much your fortune is worth’‘Fortune?’ queried Glenn.

Source: Carlisle


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