Here it comes …

The Edit If you are a lonely, up in the attic or on the kitchen table EBook or self-published writer, then the odds are you will probably not have a professional editor working for you. They are available of course, for a fee and you will find many offering their services on the Internet (more … Continue reading Here it comes …



To Saga ... or NOT to Saga? Family Saga’s ... what are they really? Well, they can be whatever you want them to be as a writer, but does the reader think like you do? Should books in a series really be treated as Saga’s by the marketing men and social media promoters? A good … Continue reading Saga

Carlisle – On Release.

CARLISLEIt’s London 1946; the war is over ... for some. A notorious Maquis résistance leader with a new identity unexpectedly runs into his ex-wartime mission partner agent Vivette and after a deeply passionate night spent together she reveals she is really Lady Julia Bourchier, Duchess of Millbury now a spymaster for the British MI6. Their … Continue reading Carlisle – On Release.