Writer’s Reference … 501 Writer’s Useful Phrases

LOST AND FOUNDPhrases old and phrases new,useful words, one liners too.Within these pages you will find,some words that treat the writer … kind.To make the edit short and sweet, frustration gone, reduce the heat.The answers sought, are clearly here,Write on dear friend, be full of cheer. Source: Writer’s Reference ... 501 Writer’s Useful Phrases

Relationships: Final Submission – Retirement!

Episode 43: Eventually then, we all get there. The state everyone dreads creeps up slowly through our 40’s, gathers speed in our 50’s and runs over us like a speeding freight train in our 60’s. Anyone who says that the 70’s are the new 50’s has obviously never been there but retirement however, as a … Continue reading Relationships: Final Submission – Retirement!

Writer’s Reference … 101 Writer’s Short Blurb Examples

MIDNIGHT BLURBT’was ‘blurb’ they said, he’d got it right,Struggling, sweating, through the night,His mind a blank, consumed by stress,To be one hundred words … or less. But then when daylight caught him low,With simply nowhere else to go,He came upon a thought profound,‘Short Blurb Examples ...’ next time round! Source: Writer’s Reference ... 101 Writer’s … Continue reading Writer’s Reference … 101 Writer’s Short Blurb Examples

Writers Reference …101 Fiction Writing Tips!

The day Tom said ‘I’ll write a book’,He started, no advice he took,Plowing on without a care,Not knowing what was lurking there.Disorganized and even worse, He caught the novel writer’s curse,With writer’s block, he soon got bored,As striving author, Tom was floored.But good news Tom, vacate the ‘pits’,The answer’s here in ‘Writing Tips’….. Source: Writers … Continue reading Writers Reference …101 Fiction Writing Tips!

Relationships: Fifties Plus … The Lessons?

Episode 42: With all communications between our Harry and Kylie reliant upon a child’s reasoning for ten to fifteen years, it is obvious that some errors in translation are possible. It will also be an expensive form of getting a point over to an un-communicative partner, as depending upon how contentious the subject matter may … Continue reading Relationships: Fifties Plus … The Lessons?

‘Hard Act’ a new thriller by Glover Wright released today.

‘Hard Act’ a new thriller by Glover Wright released today.Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing. Giveaway: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/ba112ffc1567/Book Description:Only the CIA knows the truth, and all it would take for the president’s legacy to be tarnished forever is for one agent involved to turn rogue and reveal everything . . .In 2011, American Seal Team Six killed Osama … Continue reading ‘Hard Act’ a new thriller by Glover Wright released today.

Relationships: Submission and Contradiction … The Lessons

Episode 40: Is there really an effective verbal weapon available to combat the onset of depression caused by a well trained female; one who is able to extract the maximum amount of contradictory content from a minimum of spoken words? Of course there is and the key is a level of carefully constructed submission. This … Continue reading Relationships: Submission and Contradiction … The Lessons